Uzbek karakul and fur products at the international auctions.


Uzbek karakul and fur products at the international auctions.

The “International Fur and Leather Expo-2023” exhibition has started in Seoul, South Korea. Enterprises producing karakul and fur products, are participating with their products.

For the first time, karakul and fur products of Uzbekistan are presented to the international market and partners in the framework of the exhibition in South Korea, which has a trillion-dollar market. New collections are drawing the attention of the world’s fur manufacturers.

On the first day of the exhibition, a discussion was held between the delegation of the “Uzcharmsanoat” association and the president of the International Fur Federation (IFF), Johnes Manakas. At the meeting, opinions were exchanged on the use of modern technologies in production, taking Uzbek fur and karakul products to the international auctions. Also, the head of the IFF made proposals to export Karakul products not only to the CIS but also to the European markets. An agreement was reached on the organization of auctions of finished products made of karakul and fur in the European markets using the GSP+ system of preferences.

Also, the Turkish company “Emelda” is planning to buy Karakul products from Uzbekistan. During the negotiations with our national brand “Asian Furs” company, the Turkish company put forward proposals for the supply of karakul products to the Turkish market.

During the conversation, it was noted that the quality of Karakul products is very good, and today the demand for this type of natural products is increasing in the international fur market. Export contracts are expected to be signed between Uzbekistan and the Turkish company at the international exhibition “UzCharmExpo & ShoesStar” – EurAsia-2023” to be held in Tashkent in April.

During the exhibition, our local manufacturers are scheduled to hold a series of negotiations with Canadian, Korean, and US companies.