How to Join

Procedure for joining the Association
Documents Required for Admission to the Enterprise Association as a Joint Member in accordance with Clause 3 of the Procedure approved by the Minutes of the Meeting of the Participants of the Association "Uztextile Industry" dated April 19, 2019

L I S T:

Organization Application Letter:
Sample Enterprise Passport;
Certificate of State Registration of the Organization, Copies of the Constituent Documents (with all amendments and additions);
Copy of Balance Sheet for the Last Reporting Period;
Detailed Information on Installed Equipment (Attached Sample Form).
A copy of the decision or order on the appointment of the head of the organization, a certificate of employment;
A copy of the Business Plan for the production of the enterprise for at least one year;
Separate Information on Products Imported by the Organization on the Basis of Customs Privileges (in the form of an attached sample);
Decision of the Founder on Joining the Association, Written Consent (Protocol),
Photomaterials (6-10 Pieces) By Production Process, Products And Building Construction.
Copy of the Lease Agreement in the Use of Buildings and Leases.
Copy of cadastral document when the buildings belong to the enterprise. (2-3 sheets respectively)

Letter of Address - addressed to the Chairman of the Association "Uztextile Industry" IU Khaydarov.

Constituent Documents - Certificate, Charter and Constituent Agreement.

Balance Sheet - Balanced Accounting Approved by DSI.

Detailed Information on Installed Equipment - Should Be Described in Table Form. For example,